Criminal Defense Lawyer Delaware County PA

Criminal Defense Lawyer Delaware County PA

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Being arrested and charged with a crime, discovering there is a warrant for your arrest, or being the subject of a criminal investigation, can be one of the most challenging experiences of your life. If you find yourself in this frightening and possibly life-altering position, finding the best criminal defense attorney to handle your case can spell the difference between a verdict of innocent or guilty. The penalties you face for criminal charges in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, can negatively impact your finances, your future, your family, and your freedom. Seeking legal counsel from an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Delaware County is vital at this moment in time.

If you or someone you love has been accused of committing a crime in Delaware County, contact The Law Offices of Leonard Biddison immediately for a free consultation. Our firm’s founder, renowned criminal defense attorney Leonard D. Biddison, has been recognized as one of the 10 Best Attorneys in Pennsylvania by the American Institute of Criminal Law Attorneys. Our practice is concentrated on criminal and DUI defense and our legal team is here to fight for your rights. From our local offices in Upper Darby, we represent clients facing charges throughout Delaware County on a regular basis. Mr. Biddison has spent the last 25 years defending clients in cases like yours, during which time he has developed a thorough command of Pennsylvania laws and the intricacies of the criminal justice process. When the course of your life is in jeopardy, you need an experienced lawyer with a proven record of successes in local criminal courts. To discuss your case and begin constructing a solid, highly effective defense strategy, call us now at 856-245-5240.

Criminal Charges & Penalties in Delaware County, Pennsylvania

With its close proximity to Philadelphia and large population of 564,498 people, Delaware County sees its fair share of crime. According to the Pennsylvania Uniform Crime Reporting System, there were 26,274 crimes committed in Delaware County in 2017. Below is more information about the most common criminal charges brought against individuals in Delaware County, PA.

Property Offenses

Property offenses were the leading type of criminal offense in Delaware County, with 16,160 last year. This category of crimes includes burglary, larceny-theft, motor vehicle thefts, white collar thefts (such as theft by deception), and vandalism. Burglary is very common charge, as it includes more than just breaking and entering or theft from a residence. In fact, you can be charged with burglary for entering any structure with the mere intent to commit theft or another crime. Robbery is another frequently charged property offense and is more serious than burglary. A person will be charged with robbery when they allegedly injure or threaten a victim, or are armed with a weapon, in the course of committing a theft.

Assault Charges

Charges for assault are the second-most common form of crime that occurs in Delaware County. There were 3,119 assault offenses in 2017, which includes serious injury assaults and assaults resulting in minor or no injuries. Under Pennsylvania law, an assault offense occurs when a defendant causes physical harm or even attempts to cause harm to another person. Even assault crimes with no injuries can result in serious penalties, including possible jail time. In some cases, where assault occurs in the context of domestic violence, you will be charged with a criminal offense and face a restraining order.

Drug Crimes

Crimes involving drugs are the third most prevalent precursor to criminal charges in Delaware County, with 3,009 violations in the last year reported. Drug charges can be filed against a person in Pennsylvania for possession, sale, or manufacturing. Depending on the type of drug involved and the nature of the offense (solely possession vs. intent to distribute), drug offenses can be classified as criminal misdemeanors or felony crimes. In any case involving drugs, a conviction will result in a criminal record that can significantly hinder you from obtaining employment and educational opportunities later in life. Enlisting a defense attorney with comprehensive understanding of the best strategies to beat drug charges is imperative to avoid the severe punishments associated with these drugs.

DUI & Alcohol Related Offenses

Arrests and charges for driving under the influence (DUI) occur on a regular basis in Delaware County, with 2,989 DUI offenses in 2017. In Pennsylvania, you can be charged with DUI for operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs like marijuana, heroin, cocaine, and prescription medications. If you are stopped by police for suspected impaired driving, you may be subjected to field sobriety tests, a breath test, and/or a blood or urine test to detect alcohol or drugs in your system. When facing charges for DUI, it is crucial to have a highly knowledgeable defense lawyer representing you. DUI is considered a criminal offense in Pennsylvania, meaning you could lose your license for and even be sentenced to jail if you’re ultimately found guilty.

Above is not an exhaustive list of criminal charges in Delaware County and there are many more that may result in you or someone you love being arrested and thrust into the criminal justice system. The possible punishments for a criminal offense in Pennsylvania include a prison sentence, heavy fines, community service, probation, and restitution for the victim. Whether you’ve been charged with a seemingly minor misdemeanor of traffic offense, or you’re facing a lengthy term of incarceration, you should seek legal guidance from a criminal defense lawyer who has your best interests in mind.

Experienced Delaware County Criminal Attorney to Fight Your Charges

If you are facing charges for a crime in Delaware County, the process ahead can be fraught with anxiety and uncertainty and the outcome, devastating. A conviction for a criminal offense in Pennsylvania may negatively impact your professional status, your ability to drive, your financial situation, and more. While criminal charges exist in a range from less severe to extremely egregious, any criminal allegation should be aggressively fought in court. To begin devising your best defense with an experienced Delaware County criminal defense lawyer, contact our attorneys at The Law Offices of Leonard Biddison today. Call 856-245-5240 or fill out our online form to arrange a free consultation.

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